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Search below for the Sales Representative nearest you, or just call our toll free line at 866.600.9905.

A girls got game Representative will answer any questions you may have as well as assist in your Apparel, Footwear, Accessories and Equipment orders . You want it Perfect, We make it Simple!”


Stephanie Wilson, Territory Representative

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia

Office: 585.414.2651

Email: stephanie.wilson@athleticausa.com

Thresa Brado, Outbound Sales Presentative

New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

Office: 585.414.2695

Email: thresa.brado@athleticausa.com


Katrina Clinton, Outbound Sales Representative

Alabama, Tennessee, Maryland, West Virginia

Office: 877.872.2511 Ext. 340

Cell: 585.489.9660

Email: katrina.clinton@athleticausa.com

Patricia Craig, Territory Manager

North Carolina

Office: 919.462.8044

Email: patricia.craig@athleticausa.com

Deniece Guyan, Territory Manager

South Carolina

Cell: 843.568.3796

Email: deniece.guyan@athleticausa.com

Sheila Dykes, Territory Manager


Cell: 843.540.6050

Email: sheila.dykes@athleticausa.com

Chris Cochran, Territory Manager

Jacksonville, Florida

Cell: 386.589.7815

Email: chirs.cochran@athleticausa.com

Kathy Miller, Territory Manager

Central Florida - Orlando/Tampa

Office: 585.797.9493

Email: kathy.miller@athleticausa.com

Monica Kozma, Territory Manager

Miami, Florida

Cell: 305.915.1427

Email: monica.kozma@athleticausa.com

Donna Parrish, Territory Manager

Dallas, Texas

Cell: 214.971.6491

Email: donna.parrish@athleticausa.com

DeDe Schatz, Territory Manager

Austin, Texas

Cell: 512.300.9797

Email: dede.schatz@athleticausa.com

Mary Thomas, Territory Manager

Houston, Texas

Cell: 832.375.5068

Email: mary.thomas@athleticausa.com


Lenee' Buchman, Territory Manager


Cell: 614-563-5322

Email: lenee.buchman@athleticausa.com

Michelle Derowitsch, Outbound Sales Representative

Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Michigan

Office: 877.872.2511 Ext. 332

Cell: 585.301.7318

Email: michelle.derowitsch@athleticausa.com

Robert Hlavac, Territory Manager


Cell: 402.616.1192

Email: robert.hlavac@athleticausa.com

Mark Stein, Territory Manager


Cell: 763.657.0216

Email: mark.stein@athleticausa.com


Dennis Carroll, Territory Manager

Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Cell: 208.830.0802

Email: dennis.carroll@athleticausa.com

James Braun, Territory Manager

Nevada, Utah

Cell: 406.600.1971

Email: james.braun@athleticausa.com

Elain Nichols, Territory Manager

Arizona, New Mexico

Cell: 817.228.7668

Email: elaine.nichols@athleticausa.com

Kytta Stearns, Territory Manager

Oregon, Washington

Cell: 541.740.1089

Email: kytta.stearns@athleticausa.com

Ryan Allen, Territory Manager

San Francisco, California

Cell: 415.505.0242

Email: ryan.allen@athleticausa.com

Michelle Altenhoff, Territory Manager

San Diego, California

Cell: 760.803.1212

Email: michelle.altenhoff@athleticausa.com

Sheri Nakaya, Territory Manager


Cell: 808.551.2922

Email: sheri.nakaya@athleticausa.com